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Players Indoor Sports Center

1740 Quincy Ave, Naperville, 60540, IL, US

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Fitness Experts

235 S. Washington, Naperville, 60565, IL, US

Rainbow Play Systems-Illinois

127 Ambassador Dr, Naperville, 60540, IL, US

Champion Spirit Group

126 N Loomis St, Naperville, 60540, IL, US

Chicago Falcons Semi Pro Ftbll

717 S Sleight St, Naperville, 60540, IL, US

Sky High Sports

2244 Corporate Ln # 118, Naperville, 60563, IL, US

Sound Strategies

5029 Prairie Sage Rd, Naperville, 60564, IL, US

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Players Indoor Sports Center

Tips for setting fitness goals in the New Year

If you want to make 2015 your year to finally get in shape and stick to your New Year’s resolution, you should think more specifically about your goals. Setting a resolution to simply “slim down” or “get fit” will not provide you with measurable goals that you will...

Great Lakes Center

What are the qualities of a great coach?

As a volleyball coach, you will have opportunities to enrich the lives of generations of players as you watch them develop their skills and become masters of the game. In order to be a great coach, you must understand the game on a very fundamental level and continue to have a passion for...

Great Lakes Center

Getting to know some of the great clubs associated with GLC

Great Lakes Center is a 80,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Aurora boasting full training programs, player and coach education, and the largest camp and clinic program in the nation. However, the work of GLC only reflects a fraction of the volleyball clubs and programs in the Chicago...

Harbor Shores

What is there to explore as a new resident of Harbor Shores?

After visiting Harbor Shores, many guests begin to explore the area real estate so they can enjoy the quiet, lakeside community through every season of the year. If you have settled into a cottage or golf villa in one of the beautiful coastal neighborhoods of Harbor Shores, you may want to...

Harbor Shores

Spotlight on the Inn at Harbor Shores

The Inn at Harbor Shores is a new waterfront hotel built along banks of the St Joseph river with views of Lake Michigan.  The hotel was built with the classic inspiration of late 19th and early 20th century architecture. With elegant, timeless style, the Inn has combined the charming look of...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Players Indoor to host Players Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament January 17-18

Players Indoor Sports Center allows athletes of all ages to stay fit during the winter months with their state-of-the-art indoor facilities, where soccer is among the most popular attractions. Their facilities are not just for kids, as adult leagues are a hit for players at any skill level...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Mia Hamm coming to Players Indoor Sports for youth program

On October 25th, soccer legend Mia Hamm will be making a visit to Illinois as part of the Soccer for Success program, which is supported by the fundraising efforts of soccer players right here in the Chicago area. During her visit, Mia will be hosting a lunch for the top fundraisers with a...

Harbor Shores

A look at the distinctive architecture of Harbor Shores

In an area that was once inhabited primarily by unkempt marshes and industrial waste, a complete revitalization effort has restored the lakeside beauty of the land just between St. Joseph and Benton Harbor. This community is now known as Harbor Shores, which has accomplished the mission to...

Harbor Shores

Choosing the right location for a destination event

When planning your wedding at a unique destination, you may have some extra considerations to make sure that you settle on the right place for your celebration. You will want to start early in your search for a destination, and keep these helpful tips in mind as you explore possible venues....

Harbor Shores

Harbor Shores releases new smartphone app

Harbor Shores may be a small community tucked away on the quieter shores of Lake Michigan, but there is still a lot to discover in this quaint development. The Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course is a primary attraction in the area, but there are some lesser known features of the...

Harbor Shores

Harbor Shores unveils new smartphone app

BENTON HARBOR, Michigan – Harbor Shores, Lake Michigan’s first residential, golf, recreational and waterfront community located in Benton Harbor, today announced the official launch of its app, called Harbor Shores Life. The app is another step in the development’s growth...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Tips for staying safe on the lacrosse field

Lacrosse is a fun and fast-paced contact sport, so it is associated with some common injuries that may take you off the field. Concussions, ACL injuries, and stress injuries in the shoulders and elbows tend to be the most frequently seen among lacrosse players, but injuries of this nature can be...

Sailboats along Lake Michigan near Harbor Shores, residential and vacation community Harbor Shores

Life on the water in Harbor Shores

If you are considering a second home in the expanding Harbor Shores community or you are simply vacationing in the area, you may be looking forward to hitting the beach for some fun on the water. There are many ways to take advantage of the lakeside location of Harbor Shores, so don't...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Creative ways to keep your kids active this summer

While summer offers plenty of outdoor activities, children can fall into lazy habits with too much time in front of the television or computer screen. Parents should encourage their kids to take up more active hobbies for the summer to help them stay active and promote a healthier lifestyle....

Harbor Shores

Summer events to enjoy in southwest Michigan

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty and breeze along Lake Michigan, but there is much more to do than simply lounge on the beach. Southwest Michigan is a short drive from the Chicago area, and offers a wealth of outdoor activities this summer. Here is a quick look at summer events...

Harbor Shores

Purchasing a second home at Harbor Shores

When you purchase a second home, you may provide yourself with a perfect destination for retirement or an easily accessible vacation retreat. Harbor Shores presents great opportunities for both of these options, with newly constructed homes popping up throughout the lakeside community. Nestled...

Great Lakes Center

How do volleyball lessons and clinics compare for player development?

Young volleyball players may need more training and instruction than they get during regular season play to reach the next level with their performances. Clinics and lessons can each provide young athletes with player development experiences, which have their own unique benefits. If you are...

Great Lakes Center

Why kids benefit from playing team sports

Team sports an excellent way to promote social skills, physical fitness and discipline for your child, but many children don’t get involved until they are in grade school. However, organized sports can be greatly beneficial for toddlers and young kids, who learn primarily through play....

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Introducing your kids to the sport of golf

If you love the sport of golf, you may have an interest in getting your kids to play as well. However, golf can be a tricky sport for kids, and it does require lots of patience from kids and parents alike. If you want to introduce the sport in a way that will keep your kids excited and engaged in...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Delicious daily deals at The Nest Bar & Grill

The Nest Bar & Grill is the perfect place to unwind after a round of golf or retreat for your own private parties and events. Every day, The Nest offers specials to put you in the mood for relaxation or provide you with the perfect refreshments for watching sports on the big screen. Monday...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Cleveland Golf Tour Experience arrives in Bolingbrook

In spring of 2013, Bolingbrook Golf Club announced the arrival of the Cleveland Golf Tour Experience in partnership with Cleveland/Sixron Golf. Over the past year, golfers and members at Bolingbrook Golf Club have been introduced to the incredible difference of customized club fitting and...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Father’s Day gift ideas that Dad will really love

What dad doesn’t love to spend his leisure time in the sun on the golf course? If your dad is a golf lover, you will not have to think too far outside of the box for the perfect Father’s Day present. Below is a quick look at the gift options that can show your love for Dad and honor...

Great Lakes Center

Summer camp programs for players of all skill levels

Even if your child does not have experience on the court, volleyball camp can still be a great way for your child to stay active this summer. At Great Lakes Center, there are several All Skills camps offered to help young players gain an appreciation for the game and begin to develop their...

Great Lakes Center

Choosing the right volleyball camp for a young athlete

Summer is the right time to allow your athletic child to take a break from academics and focus on his or her talents on the volleyball court. The right summer program can give your child a competitive edge during regular season play and gear up for the higher level of athleticism demanded in high...

Harbor Shores

Luxury and convenience: A look at the Harbor Shores lifestyle

Whether you are seeking out your ideal retirement community or you are considering investing in a second home for your family’s annual vacations, Harbor Shores is an area worth exploring. The homes in Harbor Shores are built in beautifully designed neighborhoods with all new construction...

Players Indoor Sports Center

How to improve your soccer game off the field

If you’re looking to get fit and have fun doing it, joining an adult soccer league may be just the right motivation to up your physical activity. While adult leagues are all highly competitive, you may still be driven to improve your game from match to match. Outside of regular team...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Tips for planning your child’s summer birthday party

You don’t have to stick to the same old party theme for your child’s birthday year after year. In fact, summer birthdays create the perfect opportunity to find great deals on birthday venues and events that your child will love. To plan an unforgettable birthday celebration for your...

Harbor Shores

Destination golf along the shores of Lake Michigan

Harbor Shores is a young community nestled between St. Joseph and Benton Harbor that attracts golf lovers from the entire Midwest region who are seeking a challenge on a Jack Nicklaus Signature course. Completed in 2010, this public course is an integral part of the Harbor Shores community that...

Harbor Shores

Senior PGA Championship returns to Harbor Shores

The crowning jewel of the revitalized Harbor Shores community is the public Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course that showcases the natural wonders of the Lake Michigan landscape. This course was home to the 73rd annual Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid, and it will see the return of...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Why golf is the perfect sport for retirement

Golf is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by people of many ages and fitness levels. If you are seeking a great way to get the most out of your retirement years, you may want to consider taking up the game of golf. By encouraging both mental and physical fitness, golf has many benefits to...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Tips for going green with your next corporate event

If you are planning a corporate event, you may want to consider the impact of your party. By incorporating green practices into your next event, you can help highlight the sustainability of your business. With a few simple measures, you will be able to conserve resources and reduce the...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

What is proper golf course etiquette?

Whether you are a beginning golfer, or have been playing for many years, it is important to master the fundamentals of golfing etiquette. Since the golf course does not have a referee or umpire who monitors the green, players are responsible for managing their own conduct. By keeping the...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Celebrate Mother’s Day with an elegant champagne brunch

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start planning a special day with mom. This coming Mother’s Day, the Regan Grand Ballroom will be hosting an elegant champagne brunch your entire family can enjoy. Here is a look at what you can expect...

Great Lakes Center

Best summer camps for volleyball

After spring break is over, you may be looking at summer programs to help your child stay active on the volleyball court and meet new players to challenge their skills. Great Lakes Center in Aurora can connect you to some of the nation’s best programs for summer volleyball, which are...

Great Lakes Center

Explore spring volleyball clinics at Great Lakes Center

Young volleyball players can always benefit from some extra instruction and training to sharpen their skills—particularly in the off season. With the spring session volleyball clinics offered at Great Lakes Center, your young athlete can remain on top of his or her game so that next season...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Celebrate the season with 'Kids Spring Fling' on May 4

If you are looking to get out and enjoy the springtime like a kid again, Players Indoor Sports Center can kick off your season with their Spring Fling event happening on May 4th. This fun-filled, family event will draw a huge crowd at Players Indoor Sports, creating the perfect marketing...

Great Lakes Center

Need after-school activities? Enroll your kids in volleyball lessons

Volleyball is a fantastic sport to learn at a young age. When you enroll your son or daughter in volleyball lessons, your young athlete will pick up a range of valuable skills that will serve them for a lifetime. If you are seeking to get your child involved in a fun and exciting sport,...

Players Indoor Sports Center

Signs your employees could benefit from a fun, team-building event

Building a positive environment in the workplace may mean more than providing employees with competitive salaries and benefits. Activities that take place out of the office—specifically team building exercises—can be just as important for the loyalty and growth of your staff. Below is...

Great Lakes Center

Tips for learning volleyball as an adult

If you are seeking an exciting new sport to add to your fitness routine, you may want to consider learning to play volleyball. Volleyball is a fun and challenging sport that can be enjoyed at any age. Here are some essential tips to help you pick up the game of volleyball as an adult. Learn basic...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Plan an outdoor event to celebrate the arrival of spring

When the Chicago area finally warms up, you may want to consider hosting a party outdoors to celebrate. Whether you are planning a bridal shower, a birthday party or you simply want to host a unique event for the season, an outdoor party is the perfect way to enjoy some sunshine around...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

All kids welcome at free Junior Golf Open House

Golf is not a sport typically offered in schools, but is a great way for children to learn focus, patience and flexibility. While young children may not have the endurance for a full 18 holes of golf, they can have great fun hitting the course for speed golf or improving their swing on the...

Great Lakes Center

A look at what it takes to secure a volleyball scholarship

Volleyball scholarships are a fantastic opportunity for college-bound high school students. With a volleyball scholarship, a student will be able to take their sport to the next level, while also studying at one of the top colleges or universities in the country. If your teen is interested in...

Great Lakes Center

Reasons to invest in volleyball clinics for the young athlete

The sport of volleyball is unique in many ways. It requires a great deal of athleticism when played at the highest level, as the ball is played back and forth over a net that is over seven feet tall for women and eight feet tall for men. It also requires excellent hand-eye and muscle-motor skills...

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Bolingbrook Golf Club to host Whiskey and Wine Dinner

Both whiskey and wine can offer a wide array of subtle flavors. To sample an exceptional variety of craft whiskey, select California wines and delectable dinner fare, head to the Bolingbrook Golf Club's upcoming Whiskey and Wine Dinner on Feb. 21. Read on for more details on...

Great Lakes Center

Youth Academy programs offered at Great Lakes Center

Great Lakes Center reaches out to the Chicago community with a variety of programs for players of all ages offering friendly competition and volleyball instruction. The Youth Academy at Great Lakes Center is perfect for kids from the ages of 5-18, as there are several programs designed to appeal...

Great Lakes Center

A look at volleyball instruction for young players

Children learn differently as they get older, and learning a sport happens in the same way as the process of learning an academic subject. At first, it is important to gradually introduce the fundamentals which will serve as building blocks for more complex aspects of the game later on. The tools...

Great Lakes Center

How does volleyball instruction vary for different age groups?

The sport of Volleyball has five distinct skills that must be learned for players to participate at a high level.  Those skills are (1) “underhand passing” also called “serve reception” (2) “overhand passing” also called “setting” (3)...

Great Lakes Center

Why should children participate in team sports?

Obesity rates among youth in America have risen sharply over the past three decades, and this trend is largely attributed to a lack of regular physical activity. By encouraging your child to participate in a team sports program, you can ensure a lifetime of good health and see your child thrive...

Great Lakes Center

Get your child excited about physical activity with VolleyTots

Involvement in team sports is beneficial for children from an early age. Not only do organized sports encourage healthy physical activity, but they also promote positive social skills that may improve your child’s experience in early elementary school. The VolleyTots program at Great Lakes...

Players Indoor Sports Center

What are Superhero Sports?

At Players Indoor Sports Center, there are activities and classes to get every member of the family involved in team sports. Superhero Sports are for young kids from ages 3-6, and they can help your child get excited about physical activity, teamwork and giving back to the community with the...