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Waterfall Glen Conversion

16W571 Mockingbird Ln, Burr Ridge, 60527, IL, US

Madison Avenue Venture

7545 S Madison St, Burr Ridge, 60527, IL, US

Inishowen Homes

351 Highland Ct, Burr Ridge, 60527, IL, US

Medical Suites Of America Inc

6325 S Elm St, Burr Ridge, 60527, IL, US

Cdp Management Inc

16w254 94th St, Burr Ridge, 60527, IL, US

Carriage Way Condominiums

112 Carriage Way Dr, Burr Ridge, 60527, IL, US

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Adams & Myers Realtors

What are some questions you should ask your realtor?

Choosing the right realtor is an important step in buying or selling a home, because professional representation can help you make the best decisions in this major purchase. As you meet with realtors to plan your purchase or home sale, ask these important questions that will help you get a feel...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Why are home inspections so valuable for buyers?

Before you make the decision to buy a home, you will want to make sure that you are making a smart purchase by calling a home inspector. While home inspections are not required for a home purchase, they are a valuable asset for any future home buyer. Here is a closer look at the value of home...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Looking to buy a home? Hinsdale may be the right choice

The highly ranked schools and historic downtown district of Hinsdale make it one of Chicago's most desirable suburbs. As such, it is also home to some of Chicagoland's priciest real estate. The median sale price of homes in Hinsdale is steep at $875,000, but there are a handful of homes...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Staying competitive in the summer real estate market

When the weather heats up outside, the real estate market heats up as well, as buyers explore homes with yards in full bloom and natural light spilling through the windows. With such great conditions for viewing homes, you can expect much more competition in the market than you would find in the...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Is Downers Grove the right community for your family?

With a population of 46,000, Downers Grove offers a quaint village atmosphere without the confining feeling of living in a small town. Just 22 miles from The Loop in Chicago, Downers Grove has its own personality that is not too far from the metropolitan environment of the city. Here is a glance...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Outdoor projects to boost your home’s curb appeal this spring

Spring is the time for sellers to get their homes on the market, as buyers are more prepared to get out and look at houses when the weather is warm. During the spring, buyers can also truly appreciate the curb appeal of a home, which is a major selling point to consider. If you are putting your...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Tips for home buyers in the western suburbs

Whenever you make a big purchase you should take the time to do a little product research and know exactly what you are buying. With a home, this research may be a little more complex, but it is essential for making a purchase that you will be happy with. Here is a look at the steps you will want...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Exploring the advantages of living in the suburbs

While urban living does have some distinct benefits, many people choose to settle down and purchase their first homes in the suburbs rather than the city. Surrounding Chicago there are numerous charming suburbs each offering their own unique appeal with these common features. Exclusive...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Home not selling? Hiring a realtor may help you see results

The housing market has made a significant recovery that is now favoring sellers, so now is the right time to make a move if you are thinking of selling your home. If your home has been on the market for a few months now and you are not seeing any sign of a sale, there may be some marketing...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Real estate spotlight: Western Springs

When shopping for a new home in Chicago's suburbs, you may want to consider Western Springs. This excellent community offers gorgeous homes and great commuter access to the city. To help you get started on your home search, here are some benefits of living in the Western Springs area....

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

How to get into the spring housing market early this year

As the weather warms up outside, home buyers are on the move to explore the market. This year, spring will be a particularly booming season for the housing market with interest rates still at historic lows. To make your home more appealing to eager buyers, follow these tips to prepare for spring...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Why should you consider living in Clarendon Hills?

If you are moving to the suburbs to capture the iconic image of a quiet, small-town community, Clarendon Hills may be the ideal place for you to call home. The community resembles a New England town nestled in rolling hills with winding streets and two small lakes nearby. Below is a closer look...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

The advantage of using a real estate app

Buying a home in the technological age may involve much less legwork than it has in the past, and now you can have all the real estate information you need right in your pocket with a real estate app from ERA Team Feinstein. ERA is proud to consistently offer the latest technology to home buyers...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

What is the difference between a listing agent and a selling agent?

There are two basic aspects to the real estate practice: buying and selling homes. As you get prepared to take either one of these steps, or perhaps both at once, you may realize that real estate agents specialize in different parts of the process. There are some agents who take on an equal...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Tips for relocating to a new community

When you get ready to relocate to a new community, you may have mixed feelings about the transition. It can be a challenge to adjust to a new life in new surroundings, but you may have better luck when you follow the helpful tips below. Prepare your family for the transition Moving to a new...

5th Avenue Construction

Spotlight on The Preserve at Cardinal Creek

If you are shopping for a home in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, be sure to visit The Preserve at Cardinal Creek. The Preserve at Cardinal Creek is a golf course community that offers spacious single-family homes in a peaceful setting.  Let’s get to know some of the great amenities...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Why winter is the right time to buy a home

If you are shopping for a new home, now is the ideal time to make your purchase. During the winter months, you can take advantage of fantastic opportunities in the housing market. To highlight the advantages of getting in touch with your realtor during the winter season, here is a look at some of...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Tracing the history of the village of Hinsdale

The village of Hinsdale boasts more than a century of rich history. Originally known as Brush Hill, the village of Hinsdale was founded as a community that served the Chicago railroad system. As the village of Hinsdale was developed and settled, the village founders visualized a peaceful and...

5th Avenue Construction

Custom features that will set your home apart

When you are building a new home, it is important to include features that are a reflection of your personal style and discerning taste. Today’s custom homes can be equipped with a range of beautiful and luxurious features that can be personalized to meet your preferences. Let’s take...

5th Avenue Construction

How to make your new home more environmentally friendly

If you are interested in helping to protect the environment, there are many ways that you can make your new home more environmentally friendly. As you are designing your custom home, you can choose to build with eco-friendly materials and practices. To help you go green with your custom home...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Reasons to work with an experienced realtor when buying or selling a home

Whether you are selling your current home or shopping for a new one, it is essential to work with an experienced realtor. When you rely on a realtor to assist you with your transaction, you will be sure to have the best possible experience. Here is a look at some reasons to work with an...

Adams & Myers Realtors

A look at culture and shopping in downtown Hinsdale

Whether you are a local resident or a visitor, the village of Hinsdale has many fantastic cultural and shopping opportunities to offer you. The historic district in downtown Hinsdale features outstanding shopping, dining and cultural sights. Let’s take a look at some of the culture and...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

The sellers’ guide to home staging

Home staging can make a big impact on how fast your home sells, so it is important to recognize what buyers are looking for and how to bring that out in your house. Working with a real estate agent is the best way to ensure that you have staged your home to look its best, but there are some...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Spotlight on top ranked Hinsdale-area schools

If you are looking to relocate to the Chicago suburbs with your family, your decision may be largely guided by the schools in the area. In Hinsdale, you will find some of the finest lower and upper schools in the state of Illinois—including Hinsdale Central High School, which boasts the...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Helpful tips for selling your home

When you put your home on the market, there are several key details to be aware of that could make or break your home’s appeal to potential buyers. With help from a skilled real estate team, you will have much better luck closing a sale on your home as you follow the simple guidelines...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Factors to consider when buying a home

While you may have a list of desired physical features in mind for your new home, you may not have thought much about the secondary factors that will guide your home purchase. Even the most architecturally sophisticated houses can be unappealing if they are not located in a thriving and welcoming...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Reasons to live in Hinsdale

A growing number of city dwellers are looking to relocate to the Chicago suburbs, and Hinsdale is one of the most popular destinations topping the list of Top Towns by West Suburban Living Magazine. Hinsdale is located 20 miles west of Chicago and offers convenient freeway and Metra transit to...

5th Avenue Construction

Reasons to fall in love with Naperville

The suburbs of Chicago have all been experiencing recent revitalization, with new developments, preservation of historical attractions and building of new custom homes drawing residents away from cramped inner-city condos and apartments. Naperville is one of the most popular western suburbs in...

Adams & Myers Realtors

Tips for relocating to the Chicago suburbs

It is not uncommon for twentysomethings in the city to start looking for homes in the suburbs that offer more space and wholesome neighborhoods fit for raising a family. If you are feeling the urge to move away from your downtown Chicago loft to a luxurious suburban home, here are some guidelines...

Adams & Myers Realtors

How to get your home ready to put on the market

When you are considering selling your home, you might drum up more interest among potential buyers by doing a little legwork before you put your house on the market. With a few steps now, you can save yourself a lot of stress down the road with the selling and moving process. Make minor repairs...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

How technology has transformed the real estate market

According to The National Association of Realtors, 9 in 10 buyers used the internet at some point while looking for a home. Over half of the buyers started their home search online and 43% of recent buyers first found the home they purchased online. Because online tools have become so integrated...

ERA Team Feinstein, LLC

Are the holidays a good time to list property?

If you want to sell your home, you do not have to wait until the weather is warm outside to put your house on the market. In fact, there are some distinct advantages to listing property in the holiday season that could allow you to sell your home faster than you might in the summer. Buyers are...

5th Avenue Construction

Top kitchen trends to consider for your custom home

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and it may be the area where you spend the most time considering design aesthetics and modern features that you want to incorporate. By following some of the hot kitchen trends of 2013, you can make your kitchen a highly functional and beautiful...

5th Avenue Construction

Current projects by 5th Avenue Construction

5th Avenue Construction was founded in 2009 with the combined experience of Frank Dimperio and Patrick Timmons. Between the two brothers-in-law, there are 40 years of construction expertise, which inspires the distinctive, high-quality homes built by 5th Avenue Construction throughout the...

5th Avenue Construction

How much space do you need in your new home?

An excellent advantage to building a custom home is the flexibility of the space in your new home. Purchasing an existing home or a house within a preplanned subdivision will limit what you can do with every room, which may lead you to buy more square footage than you actually need. When you sit...

5th Avenue Construction

What to expect with a professional home builder

When you are in the market for a new home, there is no better experience than designing a custom home with a professional local builder. In Naperville and the surrounding areas, 5th Avenue Construction is the company to trust with your custom building project, because they include these important...

5th Avenue Construction

Factors to consider when looking for a new home

Location is critical when deciding on a new home. After all, where your home is located will affect everything from the time you spend commuting to work to your family’s recreational options and social circles. When you are in the market for a home in the western Chicago suburbs, there are...

5th Avenue Construction

How to choose a new neighborhood when you want to relocate

Relocating to a new town or neighborhood is a momentous decision, and before you decide where your new home will be located, you should do your research and make sure that the community has all the benefits and amenities that will help you lead a relaxed lifestyle. When you are relocating, take...

5th Avenue Construction

What does downtown Naperville offer former city dwellers?

Chicagoland is a great place to live, but with both crime and prices on the rise in the city, many young professionals are relocating to safer, more affordable communities in the suburbs, such as Naperville. Even for those who still work in the city, purchasing a new construction home in the...

More people are moving to Chicago suburbs from the city 5th Avenue Construction

Why people are moving out of Chicago and into surrounding communities

If you are considering giving up your urban Chicago loft to invest in a single-family home away from the busy city, you are among the majority. A suburban-bound population shift is being seen around the country, and Chicago is an area heavily affected by this trend.  Family-friendly...

5th Avenue Construction 5th Avenue Construction

What are the benefits of building a new home?

Finding a home in Chicago’s western suburbs that has all the features that you and your family want can be a challenge—which is why many people today decide to custom-design the home of their dreams. Working with an architect and a builder, you can create the floor plan you want and...

5th Avenue Construction

Qualities to look for in a home builder

Commissioning a custom-built home is a big investment for any homeowner. You will put a great deal of time and money into your house, so you want to make sure that the work is done by professional builders with an impeccable record of customer service and a commitment to high standards of work....

5th Avenue Construction

5th Avenue Construction

From its modern new showroom in downtown Naperville, 5th Avenue Construction continues its ascent as one of Chicagoland’s most innovative and dynamic homebuilders.    Founded by brother-in-laws Frank Dimperio and Patrick Timmons, who collectively claim more than 40 years of...