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D.R. Maintenance

5705 South Holmes Avenue, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Hector Sanchez and Son Painting

16w621 56th Place, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Perfect Touch

5740 Concord Ln # 8, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Resumes With Spirit

5650 Alabama Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Janice Heinemann & Assoc

118 Oxford Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Vishwamitra Research Institute

368 56th St, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

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Small fountain in the middle of a garden Sebert Landscaping

Does your landscape stand up to modern green standards?

Your home's landscape design can do a lot for your house. A good landscape can save you money on utilities, boost your home's curb appeal, and provide you with a serene outdoor space to enjoy more of your property. As you consider parts of your landscape you might change during the summer...

Woman picking vegetables from her backyard garden Sebert Landscaping

How to create an edible backyard

Landscape design does not have to be purely aesthetic. You can make your backyard a much more functional space by focusing on edible plants that will let you put the freshest, healthiest produce on your table in every season. Below is a look at the basics of designing an edible backyard that will...

Benches in front of a corporate landscape Sebert Landscaping

Sustainable commercial landscaping is more than a passing fad

The term “going green” has become so widely used that it may be hard to lose touch with the value of sustainable practices and physical design for your business. While there are still many buzzwords surrounding the idea of sustainability, it's important to recognize that trends in...

Greens growing on a home wall Sebert Landscaping

Sustainable landscape trends to steal for your home or business

If you have decided to make an investment in your property and the environment with a new landscaping design, there are several green trends that you might include to make the most of your renovations. You will make a more beautiful space and reap optimal benefits in terms of sustainability by...

Sebert Landscaping

Thinking of redesigning your outdoor space this year? Consider these hot trends for 2014

2014 is the year for outdoor living with spaces that flow from the indoors featuring outdoor kitchen spaces, installed seating and outdoor recreation amenities. Each of these elements not only extends the living space of your home, but they also boost your home value and give you more...

Sebert Landscaping

What are the health benefits of gardening?

If your outdoor space at home is underutilized, a garden may be the perfect addition to your yard to get started on this summer. You might start small with a raised or potted garden, but filling your outdoor space with plants can be a much more gratifying addition to your home. In fact, when you...

Sebert Landscaping

Designing a commercial landscape that helps your business stand out

Even if you do not have clients visit your business in person, it is important to maintain a beautiful property that reflects the image of your company. A distinctive and attractive landscape is important not only for potential clients, but it can also create a more welcoming atmosphere for...

Sebert Landscaping

How to reduce the environmental footprint of your business

Green business practices are becoming increasingly important—even for smaller companies. While some green initiatives do require a significant investment upfront, there are many beneficial changes you can make for your business to reduce your carbon footprint and create an image of...

Sebert Landscaping

Native plants to incorporate into your corporate landscape

Native plants are an ideal addition to your business’s landscape, because they are low-maintenance selections that will require minimal watering to stay vibrant and beautiful. Native species are indigenous to this area, so they are able to thrive in the natural climate of the area. Plus,...

Sebert Landscaping

Healing gardens for the home

Spending time outdoors has a number of therapeutic effects, and you don’t have to head out to the woods to get in touch with nature. Peacefulness and seclusion will be near at hand when you create a beautiful outdoor space modeled on increasingly popular healing gardens. These garden...

Sebert Landscaping

Elements of a calming Japanese garden

The Eastern designs of Japanese gardens are a popular theme for backyards in America. Japanese gardens have evolved over hundreds of years and are intended to promote tranquil reflection and meditation. The design combines beautiful yet simple elements of nature with formed stone and decorative...

Sebert Landscaping

Water features to consider for your outdoor renovation

Adding a water feature to your backyard can transform your outdoor living space with the tranquil sounds of flowing water and the beauty of a distinctive feature at the center of the space. Water features attract a wide diversity of different types of wildlife and can reconnect your family...

Sebert Landscaping

How Chicago businesses can create more sustainable headquarters

Your company’s headquarters does more than simply house your business. The building and the land surrounding it reflect on your company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and long-term sustainability. In addition to improving your company’s ecological footprint, outdoor...

Sebert Landscaping

Ways to go green with your corporate office’s landscaping

By now you have probably made some changes to your corporate environment to save energy and promote a greener image for your company. However, there may be more changes to make with your landscaping so that your headquarters make a minimal environmental impact. If you are invested in green...

Sebert Landscaping

Considering the collective benefits of sustainable landscaping

If you have not yet made an investment in sustainable landscaping solutions for your office building, storefront, or home you are missing out on several advantages that this type of landscaping can provide. Many sustainable landscaping leaders like Jeff Sebert of Sebert Landscaping are already...

Sebert Landscaping

Why is now the right time to redesign your yard?

Have you been considering making changes to your outdoor space with new hardscaping projects or renovations to your lawn and garden? It may be time for you to stop dreaming about your ideal yard and make it reality, because the season is right for big outdoor changes. Here is a closer look at why...

Sebert Landscaping

Rain gardens can help avoid home flooding

If heavy rains cause flooding in your home and lawn, you may enjoy the natural and beautiful solution of a rain garden. These low-maintenance gardens house native wetland and wet-prairie wildflowers that help gather and filter rainwater into the underground aquifer. Aside from being an...

Sebert Landscaping

How, why and where to get rain barrels for your home

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a large supply of fresh, clean and free water during the summer months when water resources start to get scarce? A rain barrel offers just that, and it does so without a significant upfront investment or changes to your home. Below is a closer look at what...

Sebert Landscaping

Green roofs hit Chicago with incredible environmental benefits

You may have seen a rooftop garden or encountered flower pots bringing nature to urban areas, but green roofs take this idea much further with sustainable environments created on the tops of manmade buildings. The city of Chicago has run with the trend of green roofs, which have been impactful in...

Sebert Landscaping

Taking a look at Jeff Sebert’s green landscaping fleet

The headquarters at Sebert Landscaping is inspired by years of innovation in green technologies and building techniques. The corporate headquarters promotes a sustainability-oriented mindset to all of the company’s commercial and residential landscaping projects. Mobile green technologies...

Sebert Landscaping

Touring Sebert Landscaping’s LEED headquarters

As a leader in sustainable, green landscaping, Jeff Sebert has designed the headquarters of Sebert Landscaping as a stunning example of environmentally-conscious building. The 14,000 square foot office that sits on seven acres in Bartlett is LEED certified, and it has a number of unique features...

Sebert Landscaping

Green initiatives create happier employees

If you have hesitated to make an investment in green landscaping for your business, you might consider the payoff that can take place with employee morale. Adding beautiful and natural landscapes to a corporate environment can boost the mood of your employees and create a more loyal, happy...

Sebert Landscaping

The beginners’ guide to DIY vegetable gardening at home

Eating locally grown foods is one of the best ways to minimize your carbon footprint, and food doesn’t get any more local than what’s grown in your own backyard. If you have been considering starting a vegetable garden at home to feed your family the best foods possible, there are a...

Sebert Landscaping

Use permeable paving on your driveway to cut costs and protect the environment

It’s been a long winter, and paved surfaces everywhere are showing the damage. You may not think much about the environmental impact of paved outdoor areas like patios and driveways. However, there are various new paving methods that provide more environmental benefits and are more cost...

Abt Electronics

Expand your culinary possibilities with the Vitamix 500 Series Blender

The Vitamix 500 Series Blender does so much more than make smoothies; it is a versatile kitchen appliance that can change the way you work in the kitchen. Vitamix blenders are hand-built in the United States, and they are designed to live up to the demands of even the busiest kitchens, so your...

Abt Electronics

What to expect from the Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi

Apple is a consistent top-seller in tablets, and the Apple iPad Air is no exception to the excellent quality and in-demand design of the iPad line. With iOS7 and flexible connectivity, this tablet provides intuitive user navigation with easy access to more than 475,000 convenient apps at the App...

Abt Electronics

Bring theater-quality sound to your home with a Sonos Playbar Soundbar

If you want to create a home theater experience in your living room, the Sonos Playbar Soundbar can deliver rich Hi-Fi sound with convenient setup and sleek design. The Sonos Playbar requires only a power cord and an optical cord (both included) to connect to your television and all sources...

Abt Electronics

Improve your listening experience with Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

Over-ear headphones can surround you with beautiful sound that will take you away to a musical oasis in any environment. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones provide the distinctive sound quality you would expect from B & W Speakers with the portable convenience and optimal comfort of...

Abt Electronics

Take your photography to the next level with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Whether you are a budding photographer or a seasoned professional, the simplicity and flexibility of Canon’s DSLR cameras can suit your style and provide beautiful images that you will want to show off. With the Canon EOS Rebel, you can combine the capabilities of high-end DSLRs with the...

Abt Electronics

High definition redefined with the Samsung PNF8500

Samsung televisions have changed the TV watching experience with smart technologies that enhance connectivity with your favorite devices and give you the power to download your entertainment apps right to your television. The Samsung PNF8500 is among the latest models in Samsung’s line of...

Abt Electronics

Solve your pet fur problem with the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog

You may not consider vacuuming a fun or thrilling activity, but the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner may change the way you think about this household chore. With incredible suction and convenient features, the Miele Cat & Dog provides exactly what pet owners need in a vacuum...

Abt Electronics

Tapping into the capabilities of the Galaxy Tab 3

If you are in the market for a tablet, there is much more to discover beyond the iPad. The Galaxy Tab 3 has been a popular choice for tablet users, offering distinctive benefits for those looking for entertainment. The Galaxy Tab 3 can be used with ease by anyone familiar with the Android...