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Bailey Builders, Inc.

1 McIntosh Avenue, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Burling Court Condo Assn

245 Burlington Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Coldwell Banker

5 S Prospect Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Passero Builder

61 Ogden Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

Mitkus Home Remodeling

103 Ogden Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

TTS Granite - Clarendon Hills

437 West Ogden Ave, Clarendon Hills, 60514, IL, US

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Tate Enterprises Inc

How to choose the right kitchen cabinets

Cabinets will likely take a significant portion of your kitchen remodel budget, but you should keep in mind that cabinets determine the functionality and overall look of your kitchen. Therefore, it is worth making an investment in higher-quality cabinets that will stand the test of time. Below is...

Tate Enterprises Inc

How to prepare for your spring home maintenance

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start preparing your home and yard for warmer temperatures. If spring cleaning is on your to-do list, you may want to start with some essential home maintenance. Here is a look at how you can get a jump-start on spring by providing...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Reasons to put an addition on your home

If your living space is feeling cramped, you should consider putting an addition on your home. By renovating and expanding your house, you can add value while preparing for a growing family. A new addition can also provide you with a special area for your favorite projects or...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Exploring the hottest home design trends of 2014

Much like fashion, home design trends have evolved over the decades. If you are planning a home remodel in 2014, you may want to include some of this year’s most stylish home design ideas. By incorporating modern trends into your remodel, you will create an inviting space that will be both...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Ways to make your home greener with a remodel

When you begin your home remodel with an eco-friendly vision in mind, you can not only feel good about reducing your impact, but you can also look forward to changes that will pay off with smaller utility bills and increased home value. There are many renovations you can make to add green appeal...

Tate Enterprises Inc

What to consider before your kitchen remodel

When you decide to invest in a kitchen remodel, you may have several modern features in mind that you want to see in your new kitchen. As you determine where you might incorporate these elements, be sure that you consider some more practical points that will come up in your planning with a...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Understanding the importance of regular home maintenance

Home ownership does come with the added responsibility of home maintenance, which is essential for the longevity, aesthetics and safety of your house. With a home maintenance plan from Tate Enterprises, you can live worry-free knowing that your home is cared for without a big investment of your...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Best home renovation projects for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to start planning home renovations, because you can make a resolution to save up for the new home features you want. You might also plan your renovations to make your home fit for your other goals for 2014. Here is a closer look at some popular home renovation...

Abt Electronics

Expand your culinary possibilities with the Vitamix 500 Series Blender

The Vitamix 500 Series Blender does so much more than make smoothies; it is a versatile kitchen appliance that can change the way you work in the kitchen. Vitamix blenders are hand-built in the United States, and they are designed to live up to the demands of even the busiest kitchens, so your...

Abt Electronics

What to expect from the Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi

Apple is a consistent top-seller in tablets, and the Apple iPad Air is no exception to the excellent quality and in-demand design of the iPad line. With iOS7 and flexible connectivity, this tablet provides intuitive user navigation with easy access to more than 475,000 convenient apps at the App...

Abt Electronics

Bring theater-quality sound to your home with a Sonos Playbar Soundbar

If you want to create a home theater experience in your living room, the Sonos Playbar Soundbar can deliver rich Hi-Fi sound with convenient setup and sleek design. The Sonos Playbar requires only a power cord and an optical cord (both included) to connect to your television and all sources...

Abt Electronics

Improve your listening experience with Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

Over-ear headphones can surround you with beautiful sound that will take you away to a musical oasis in any environment. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones provide the distinctive sound quality you would expect from B & W Speakers with the portable convenience and optimal comfort of...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Reasons to remodel your house instead of planning a move

If your current home is no longer meeting your needs, you have the option of remodeling your current residence or moving to a completely new house. The moving process can involve months of hard work and planning, and your new house may still fall short of your ideal home. When you are deciding...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Getting to know Tate Enterprises

Tate Enterprises, a design/build/remodel company, provides residents throughout the Chicago area with a complete range of award-winnning services. When choosing your next home renovation project, the experts at Tate Enterprises will be there to assist you with every step of the planning and...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Upgrades and renovations that will add value to your home

If you are planning to renovate your home but you want to get the most value for your investment, there are several upgrades to consider that fare well in the housing market when you decide to sell. Knowing what potential buyers may want in the future can help you make the best changes to your...

Tate Enterprises Inc

Tips for planning a home remodel project

Remodeling your home is a large project that involves some significant planning before any changes take place. However, your planning will pay off when you take the first tour of your newly remodeled dream home. Here are some aspects of the planning process to consider when you decide that it is...

Abt Electronics

Take your photography to the next level with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Whether you are a budding photographer or a seasoned professional, the simplicity and flexibility of Canon’s DSLR cameras can suit your style and provide beautiful images that you will want to show off. With the Canon EOS Rebel, you can combine the capabilities of high-end DSLRs with the...

Abt Electronics

High definition redefined with the Samsung PNF8500

Samsung televisions have changed the TV watching experience with smart technologies that enhance connectivity with your favorite devices and give you the power to download your entertainment apps right to your television. The Samsung PNF8500 is among the latest models in Samsung’s line of...

Abt Electronics

Solve your pet fur problem with the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog

You may not consider vacuuming a fun or thrilling activity, but the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner may change the way you think about this household chore. With incredible suction and convenient features, the Miele Cat & Dog provides exactly what pet owners need in a vacuum...

Abt Electronics

Tapping into the capabilities of the Galaxy Tab 3

If you are in the market for a tablet, there is much more to discover beyond the iPad. The Galaxy Tab 3 has been a popular choice for tablet users, offering distinctive benefits for those looking for entertainment. The Galaxy Tab 3 can be used with ease by anyone familiar with the Android...

Nest Vintage Modern

Find unique, beautiful d├ęcor at Nest Vintage Modern

Vintage décor and furniture can add personality to your home with a welcoming, one-of-a-kind appeal. Nest Vintage Modern is your source for the most unique vintage items in the Chicagoland area, which are hand-selected by owner Alana Waters-Piper. Here is a closer look at the incredible...