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Women's HealthFirst

600 W Lake Cook Rd, Buffalo Grove, 60089, IL, US

Progressive Health & Rehab

1283 W Dundee Rd, Buffalo Grove, 60089, IL, US

De La Cruz, Papa W, MD - Women's Health First

600 W Lake Cook Rd # 120, Buffalo Grove, 60089, IL, US

Peck, Boris, Dds - Boris Peck Ltd

1004 Weiland Rd, Buffalo Grove, 60089, IL, US

Laurence A Jacobs Md

135 North Arlington Heights Road Suite 195, Buffalo Grove, 60089, IL, US

Rapid STD Testing & Health Clinic

15 S. Mchenry Road, Buffalo Grove, 60089, IL, US

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Illinois Vein Specialists

How to seek out the best varicose vein treatment

Because varicose veins and related venous issues are so common, there are many different practitioners who offer treatments to address these unsightly veins. However, it’s important to remember that the underlying cause of varicose veins is venous disease, which should not be addressed...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Does your physician offer sclerotherapy with FDA-approved solutions?

Sclerotherapy has been a part of varicose and spider vein treatment for decades, though it has improved over the years with better sclerosants and imaging tools. If you have spider veins, you may find that there are many different types of physicians offering sclerotherapy to eliminate these...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Finding the right treatment for varicose veins

When it comes to varicose vein treatment, there are many places you may find therapies offered. However, not all physicians are fully qualified to diagnose and treat vein disease, even if they advertise treatments like sclerotherapy and endovenous laser therapy. While some physicians might...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Getting a better night’s sleep following varicose vein treatment

For many people, the most annoying thing about varicose veins is their appearance, but there may be some other symptoms that can cause a bigger disruption to your routine. One area many patients don’t think about with varicose veins is how they affect sleep patterns. Varicose veins can...

Bare feet Beach Illinois Vein Specialists

Preparing for your first varicose vein consultation

Varicose veins are incredibly common, but many patients do not seek the specialized care needed to eliminate unsightly veins and relieve symptoms. If you have noticed varicose veins in the lower body, it’s best to consult a doctor who is Board Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine...

Young professional woman Illinois Vein Specialists

Which careers have the highest risk for varicose veins?

Varicose veins are mostly caused by heredity, but there are some lifestyle habits that can worsen the problem or cause varicose veins in people without a family history of the condition. Certain jobs may increase your likelihood of varicose veins, because they put pressure on the legs and limit...

Doctor holding stethoscope Illinois Vein Specialists

5 essential questions to ask your doctor about varicose veins

Varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic issue. They are caused by venous insufficiency, which may lead to serious complications if left untreated. If you are in search of care for your varicose veins, you will want to ask the following questions during your initial consultation to ensure...

Woman and her dog running down the beach Illinois Vein Specialists

Is there a connection between running and varicose veins?

Exercise is a well-recognized way to prevent varicose veins by encouraging healthy circulation in the legs and promoting a healthier body weight. However, there is some confusion about possible negative effects of higher-impact exercises such as running. Whether you are an avid runner or you are...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic concern

One common misunderstanding about varicose veins is that this disorder is primarily cosmetic. While varicose veins are unsightly, they can also lead to a variety of other serious health problems. Varicose veins are a hereditary disease that can be much more serious than what meets the eye. If you...

Illinois Vein Specialists

How do I pick the right vein doctor?

Selecting the right vein doctor is one of the most critical steps of treating your vein disorder. If you have noticed the signs and symptoms of varicose veins or spider veins, a board certified venous and lymphatic disease specialist will be able to provide you with the best available treatment...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Can men get varicose veins?

Varicose veins are damaged and enlarged veins that appear near the surface of a person’s skin. While many women are seeking treatment for their unsightly varicose veins, men may be more hesitant to reach out to a vein specialist. In fact, nearly 40 percent of all men will develop varicose...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Three things you didn’t know about vein disease

If you have noticed the signs and symptoms of varicose veins, it is important to seek treatment for your condition right away. A board certified vein center will be able to diagnose and treat your spider veins or varicose veins. By seeking treatment, you can improve your heath and well-being...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Common treatments for spider veins

Spider veins are small and unsightly blue or purple veins that emerge near the surface of the skin. This vein disease typically appears in the knees and legs, but can also be found in areas such as the face. If you are suffering from this common vein problem, you may be wondering how you can...

MedServ Equipment Corp

Pain management technologies to help you live comfortably

If you have been living in pain with only the temporary relief of pain medication, you might benefit from some of the newer technologies available for pain management at home. Pain is actually just a symptom of more complex problems such as injuries or muscle strain. Therefore, masking the pain...

MedServ Equipment Corp

Tips for caring for your elderly parents

When your parents progress into old age, it may seem like roles have reversed as you become more involved in their healthcare decisions and personal chores. In order to maintain a positive relationship while providing the support and care your parents need, follow these helpful guidelines for...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Simple changes to help you prevent varicose veins

Varicose veins are enlarged or damaged veins that occur near the surface of your skin. Typically, this vein disease appears most frequently in the legs and ankles. If you are concerned about varicose veins, there are many simple steps that can help to prevent varicose veins from forming. Here is...

Illinois Vein Specialists

The critical role of ultrasound imaging in varicose vein treatment

While many people are only familiar with ultrasound imaging for pregnancy, this type of imaging is actually quite helpful in the treatment of varicose veins. Ultrasound images can not only show the location of damaged veins, but they will provide a real-time look at how blood is moving through...

MedServ Equipment Corp

Exploring the benefits of aging in place

As your elderly family members get older, you may find that they are hesitant to consider a new living situation at an assisted living facility. In fact, the trend of aging in place has grown considerably over the years, and it does have many benefits for elderly individuals looking to retain...

MedServ Equipment Corp

How to improve bathroom safety for the elderly

Falls are the leading cause of ER visits among the elderly, and they often take place in the kitchen or the bathroom. The bathroom is a common site for falls, because it is slippery and difficult to navigate—particularly for those who use ambulatory aids like canes and walkers. With the...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Understanding deep vein thrombosis

March is Deep Vein Thrombosis awareness month, and now is a great time to inform yourself about this serious health concern. It is estimated that this deadly vein disease affects more than two million Americans on an annual basis. To help you protect yourself from the risks associated with deep...

Illinois Vein Specialists

The differences between spider and varicose veins

Spider veins and varicose veins are often confused with one another, but they are distinctly different types of veins that appear just below the surface of the skin. While spider veins may only be a cosmetic concern, varicose veins are a medical problem related to dysfunctional valves in the...

MedServ Equipment Corp

Living with sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which sleep is disrupted by an obstruction in the airways, which interrupts breathing. Patients with sleep apnea will wake up when breathing stops, but they will not even realize that they have woken up briefly. This condition can lead to serious problems in the...

MedServ Equipment Corp

A look at Medicare coverage for home medical equipment

As you get older, you may require home medical equipment to treat a medical condition and to create a safer living environment where you can remain independent and healthy. Medicare may cover a portion of your home medical equipment purchases so that you are able to afford the supplies you need...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Does insurance cover varicose and spider vein treatment?

If you are considering undergoing treatment for your varicose or spider veins, you may be wondering if your insurance provides coverage. You will have to consult your insurance company to know exactly how much of your treatment is covered, but insurance does typically include this type of care....

MedServ Equipment Corp

Pain management solutions to help you live comfortably

If you live with chronic pain caused by spinal disorders, TMJ, or injuries that have not properly healed, you may be in search of a solution for pain management that can actually target your pain at the source rather than masking symptoms. While pain medication can provide temporary relief, it is...

MedServ Equipment Corp

Selecting the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle

A mobility scooter can help you become more active in your daily life and regain a sense of independence as you move freely both in and out of doors. If you are looking to purchase a mobility scooter, you will find that there is a wide range available with models that can exceed 8 miles per hour....

Illinois Vein Specialists

New treatments for varicose veins

If you have hesitated to seek treatment for unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins, you may be unfamiliar with the modern solutions available for this common condition. Today’s varicose vein treatments are far different from those of the past, and they are typically performed with...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Why do vein doctors recommend compression stockings?

Compression stockings are specially designed garments that fit tight over the legs to encourage proper circulation in the superficial veins that pump blood back to the heart. While these are not considered a treatment for varicose veins, they can slow the damage caused by untreated varicose...

MedServ Equipment Corp

Exploring the comfort and convenience of Golden Tech lift chairs

Lift chairs can keep you comfortable at home and allow you to retain more of your independence. Golden Tech MaxiComfort Series lift chairs set new standards for comfort and safety, offering the following unbeatable features in a number of colors to fit in with your décor. Ultimate comfort...

MedServ Equipment Corp

What is aging in place?

As more baby boomers enter retirement, elderly individuals are choosing not to follow in their parents’ footsteps by settling in communities in warmer parts of the country. Instead, retirees are choosing to age in place in their own homes where they have established themselves. Here is a...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Understanding the varying causes of spider veins

Spider veins are tiny blood vessels that appear beneath the skin in twisted patterns of red, blue or purple veins. They are highly common and do not always pose significant health risks, but many patients seek treatment to improve the appearance of areas where these veins form—most...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Preventing the pregnancy-induced symptoms of varicose veins before they start

Because of the hormonal and physical changes your body endures during pregnancy, you may see the development or worsening symptoms of varicose veins in the upper thighs, groin and lower legs. Many women believe that it is best to wait until they have had all of their pregnancies to consider...

MedServ Equipment Corp

A look at the facts about falls among the elderly

One of the biggest concerns for senior citizens living at home, is an injury resulting from falls. There are a number of hazards in the home that can lead to falls, but it is possible to create a safer environment for elderly individuals opting to age in place. Read on for more details about the...

MedServ Equipment Corp

How to make your home safer as you get older

If you are like most of today’s retiring baby boomers, you will want to stay in your home as long as possible through your golden years. To make your home more practical for your needs as you get older, follow these guidelines for safe home modifications. Redesign the bathroom The bathroom...

Illinois Vein Specialists

The importance of using a board certified phlebologist for varicose vein treatment

Varicose vein treatment is offered at a wide range of clinics—including plastic surgery practices and dermatologists’ offices—but you should always consult a board certified phlebologist when varicose and spider veins appear. Varicose veins are a sign of vein disease, so you...

Illinois Vein Specialists

Debunking common myths about vein disease

Vein disease includes conditions such as varicose veins, spider veins and chronic venous insufficiency, which can all cause symptoms of pain and soreness as well as the appearance of bulging veins just under the skin on the legs, groin and feet. There are many misconceptions related to vein...