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Summit of Uptown

10 North Summit Avenue, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

HearUSA - Park Ridge

132 S Prospect Ave, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

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Panopoulos, John N, Dc - Active Health

1550 N. Northwest Hwy Suite 206, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

Speron, Sam, MD Plastic Surgery

950 N Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

North Shore Dental Group

444 N Northwest Hwy Ste 230, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

Yahav, Jonathon Y, Dds - Jonathan Y Yahav & Assoc

1300 Higgins Rd # 212a, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

Correia, Natalie, Do - Advocate Lutheran General Hosp

1775 Dempster St, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

STD Test Express

1600 Dempster, Park Ridge, 60068, IL, US

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Summit of Uptown

Why a senior may not ask for help when it’s needed

If you have an older parent who is showing signs that it may be time for assisted living, you should not wait for your parent to bring up the subject in conversation. Older adults are often hesitant to ask for help, because they may be letting pride, financial restrictions or common elder care...

Summit of Uptown

Inexpensive and meaningful holiday gifts seniors can give

As the holidays approach, your elderly parents may have some stress related to holiday gift giving, because it can be hard to cross off every name on the gift list while living on a fixed income. You might ease your parents’ stress by suggesting some meaningful gifts for the holidays that...

Happy Grandma Summit of Uptown

Understanding the option of independent living retirement communities for older adults

When parents get older, you might begin to wonder if they are staying happy and healthy living at home. For parents who are not in need of around-the-clock attention but might desire something more than living on their own, independent living retirement communities can serve as a great solution....

Fixing the Sink Summit of Uptown

Finding handyman services to assist your elderly loved one

Handyman services may be an area where your aging loved one needs help before ever considering personal care or other types of assistance common for elderly individuals. Home maintenance is not something everyone has the skills to accomplish on their own, so you might be responsible for finding a...

Estate planning documents Summit of Uptown

5 Critical documents for estate planning

Estate planning is more complex than some people assume, because it involves more than simply writing a will or trust. There are actually five crucial elements for a sound estate plan, and these are discussed below to help you stay prepared in the event of disability or death. 1. Wills and trusts...

Summit of Uptown

Community appearance by Phil Ponce at Summit of Uptown

Summit of Uptown is a vibrant place for seniors to call home, fostering a great sense of community and promoting social activity with special events throughout the year. One of the next special appearances happening at Summit of Uptown is that of WTTW “Chicago Tonight” host Phil...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Knowing the dos and don’ts of wearing a hearing aid

A hearing aid can greatly improve the quality of your hearing and make conversations and daily activities more enjoyable if you suffer from hearing loss. However, it does take some time to get used to hearing aid devices and their upkeep. This article will walk you through a few basic dos and...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Habits that might ruin your hearing later in life

Hearing loss is a problem that is becoming more commonly associated with younger people, because it is so easy to pick up early habits that will damage your hearing later in life. Even if the damage is not immediate, you might be creating future hearing problems by overexposing your ears to...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

How does hearing affect your quality of life?

Many people suffering from hearing loss have not gotten the care they need to restore their hearing and improve their daily activities. This is due in part to the fact that hearing loss occurs gradually, so the problem may not be immediately noticeable. In some cases, older adults are...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Could your loved one be losing their hearing?

Many people with hearing loss don’t actually realize it or seek professional help until a friend or family member brings up the problem. Hearing loss tends to occur gradually over a long period, so adjusting to hearing loss may simply become a part of your loved one’s routine....

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Hearing loss: Getting the facts straight

Hearing loss is a highly common condition in the United States that is surrounded by misconceptions about its prevalence, causes and treatment. Unlike problems with vision, which are often quickly addressed through regular visits to the optometrist and prescription corrective devices, hearing...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Modern hearing aid options to help you hear clearly

When you think of hearing aids, you might envision clunky devices that simply work as microphones to amplify all of the sounds around you. If this is your image of hearing aid technology, there are some updated hearing aid technologies that you should get to know. With modern technology, you can...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Knowing when to see a professional about your hearing

Hearing loss is a common condition that affects millions of Americans. If you are concerned about your hearing, it is important to schedule an appointment with a hearing professional. Since hearing loss can happen gradually, you may not notice the signs of hearing loss until your symptoms have...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

Why are some kids and teens losing their hearing?

Hearing loss is a common symptom of the aging process. While hearing loss is often seem among the elderly, younger people are also at risk of damaging their hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the common causes of hearing problems among children and teenagers. To help you prevent...

Summit of Uptown

Why is physical activity such an asset for the elderly?

For seniors who do not get regular exercise, it may be time to rethink routines and get moving more often. The importance of physical activity for seniors is massive, because active seniors are healthy seniors. Plus, your quality of life will be much higher if you dedicate time to exercising for...

Summit of Uptown

Giving back to the community renews seniors’ sense of purpose

Once you retire and settle into a cozy new community, you may find yourself looking for ways to fill your day. Volunteering can be the perfect way to spend your time while giving something back and meeting new people. Even if you have never spent much time volunteering, it is never too late to...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

What do you really know about hearing aids?

When a person is dealing with hearing loss, a hearing aid can help to restore their ability to hear sounds in the surrounding environment. If you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid can also help to restore your quality of life. While you may be familiar with the basic functions of a...

HearUSA - Park Ridge

How to care for your hearing at any age

Your hearing is one of your most important senses. Throughout your lifetime, your ears may be exposed to loud noises and other situations that can take a toll on your hearing. In order to maintain your hearing health throughout the years, it is a great idea to take steps today that will benefit...

Summit of Uptown

Checklist: Finding the retirement community that really fits your lifestyle

When it comes to retirement living, there are many options you have to consider. When you’re looking for the community that suits your lifestyle, it’s important to think carefully about what you really want and what you really need. Consider the location – Retirement is the time...

Summit of Uptown

How to help your parents adjust to assisted living

After moving into an assisted living community, your parents may need some time to fully adjust to their new home. You can be a great help in supporting your parents through this transition, and you can do so with these simple steps. Assist in moving and decorating Moving can add extra stress to...

Summit of Uptown

Introducing Estee Lauder: A historical presentation at the Summit of Uptown

The Summit of Uptown hosts a wide range of events to help build connections between their residents, family members, and the entire community. On May 14, attendees will be treated to a small slice of history with a presentation of “Introducing Estee Lauder” featuring Leslie Goddard....

Summit of Uptown

How to talk to senior parents about assisted living

When your parents get older, you may notice that they have more difficulty with everyday chores and personal care. To help your parents maintain a higher quality of life it might be a good idea to open a conversation about making the transition to an assisted living community. Below is a look at...