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Lakes at Waterford

Alden Facilities recognized as “The Best” by U.S. News & World Report

There are some decisions that should not be made lightly, and the choice of where to live in your retirement should be among those decisions. It is not always possible to anticipate what type of care you will need in the future, but you can determine where you will be able to find the best...

Lakes at Waterford

Cataract symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore

Changes in vision are expected as people get older, because conditions like cataracts, presbyopia, and macular degeneration are all common in elderly adults. Just because these conditions are common, however, does not mean they should go ignored. Cataracts are one of the most frequently diagnosed...

Lakes at Waterford

What do you really know about seniors and falls?

Many older adults are aware that falls are a leading injury among seniors that can result in serious issues with mobility and independence later on. However, there are still several misconceptions that seniors have when it comes to falls that should be reconsidered to ensure safety at home. Here...

Lakes at Waterford

Knowing how to smartly use online medical resources

These days, when a person feels ill or has a medical concern, he or she will often look up answers online before ever consulting a doctor. While doing this type of research may actually improve medical care with clearer conversations at the doctor’s office, online medical research can be...

Medication Lakes at Waterford

Medication safety for seniors

Taking prescription medications is fairly commonplace among elderly adults, but this is an area where many medical problems and serious emergencies may arise. Properly used, medications are an important part of a healthcare routine. When medication is abused or not used according to instructions,...

Beach at Sunset Lakes at Waterford

Common health problems facing today’s seniors

Older adults are living longer and maintaining more independent lifestyles thanks to a number of advancements in medical technology, but there are still many health issues that today’s elderly individuals are at risk for. Some of the most serious medical risks among seniors may surprise...

Lakes at Waterford

Caregiver tips for financial planning

If you have an elderly parent and you are stepping into the role of caregiver, you may also assume the responsibility of handling your parent’s finances. For many adult children with elderly parents, caregiving is only a temporary arrangement, so you will want to make sure the funds are...

Lakes at Waterford

How to spot financial scams targeting seniors

Seniors are the most frequently targeted group for financial scams, and these scams are unfortunately quite successful for a handful of reasons. If you are looking to protect yourself or a loved one from scams of this nature, use these strategies for identifying fraud when it comes to inquiries...

Lakes at Waterford

Tips for communicating with older loved ones

If your parents are getting up there in age, you might find it harder to talk to them about everyday topics as well as important issues about their health and wellness. However, it is helpful to have clear communication with your elderly relatives so that you are able to maintain a positive...

Lakes at Waterford

Senior health tips to prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis may not be a fatal condition, but it is among the top health concerns for seniors because of its link to fall injuries, which account for a significant percentage of hospital visits among the elderly. The CDC estimates that osteoporosis will put one in two seniors at risk for...

Lakes at Waterford

Can music help you through the aging process?

As you get older, you may be exploring new ways to bring happiness to your life and maintain an active lifestyle that supports your health. Music may be a great tool for you in your later years, as there are many proven benefits of listening to and making music that are particularly important for...

Lakes at Waterford

What to do when your parent declines care and assistance

If you have an older parent who needs a new living environment or specialized care at home, it might not be an easy transition for your parents to make. In fact, many adult children face resistance when they propose changes to their parents’ living situations. You should understand...

Lakes at Waterford

Senior living center celebrates 'Christmas in July'

If the summertime has you longing for the holidays, you can enjoy all the festivities of Christmas without the snowy weather by joining Christmas in July at Alden of Waterford. This off-season holiday event will have fun and festivities for anyone to enjoy with free admission. Here is a look at...

Lakes at Waterford

Senior nutrition myths and facts

One of the secrets to a longer life is having the right diet, but there are many misconceptions about what the right diet is for senior citizens. Once you reach the age of 60, you may notice changes in your appetite and eating habits, because you do not need as many calories to sustain adequate...

Lakes at Waterford

Getting back to a normal routine after the loss of a spouse

One of the most emotionally trying times in life is the passing of your spouse, and it is important to give yourself time to grieve. Still, you will want to establish a normal routine that will help you reduce the stress of your loss. Here are some of of the ways to cope and try to move...

Lakes at Waterford

Why older adults should practice yoga

The benefits of exercise for senior citizens are becoming well-recognized among elderly adults, but there is one type of exercise that you might not think to try for the first time after 50. Yoga is not just a trendy workout for twenty-somethings. In fact, it has several distinctive benefits for...

Lakes at Waterford

Reasons to sell your home after retirement

While most people envision retirement at home, some find that continuing care communities are more convenient and comfortable. If you are considering making the transition to a senior community, you should also think about selling your home sooner rather than later. Here is a look at the...

Lakes at Waterford

Determining the value of your home before it goes on the market

Before you begin your retirement, you might consider selling your home to optimize your retirement savings. Knowing how much your home is worth before it goes on the market will help you sell your home faster and make decisions about your new home designed for simplified senior living. While you...

Lakes at Waterford

What are the advantages of living near your retired parents?

For many years, a trend among retirees was to pack up and move away from their homes to other areas of the country. However, more retirees are now seeking homes closer to the communities that they already know as home. In many cases, this choice is related to the presence of family members who...

Lakes at Waterford

Activities to enjoy with your retired parents

When your parents settle into an independent living community, you may have more opportunities to spend time together and build a new relationship. As you connect with your elderly parents, there are many activities that can help you enjoy time together and encourage good health for your parents....

Lakes at Waterford

How to maintain high-quality sleep as you get older

As you get older, you may find yourself getting less sleep at night, but it is still important to get enough sleep every night to stay in good health. If you have been trouble sleeping, you might follow these tips to help you improve your nightly rest. Exercise during the day Physical activity is...

Lakes at Waterford

Helpful tips for managing your money in retirement

Living on a fixed income can be challenging for seniors—especially when monthly bills become an overwhelming task. Seniors also have the concern of predatory scams, which target elderly individuals who may be more susceptible to fraud over the phone or email. Modern money management...

Lakes at Waterford

Are you managing your diabetes effectively?

If you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk for developing heart disease, kidney failure, and a number of other serious health problems. As you get older, your risk grows, so it is important to know the basics of proper diabetes management. Below is a closer look at the areas you will need to...

Lakes at Waterford

A look at the higher standard of care in the Alden Network

When your elderly loved one is considering assisted living, you may be concerned about the level of attention and medical supervision that he or she will receive. With the residences in the Alden Network such as the Lakes at Waterford, you can feel good knowing that your loved one will be treated...

Lakes at Waterford

Ways for seniors to improve their memory

Forgetting names, mixing up days of the week, losing your keys—these are all common types of memory lapses experienced by senior citizens, but they do not have to be an inevitable consequence of the aging process. You can keep your mind sharp and improve your memory by following these...

Lakes at Waterford

Holiday events to enjoy at The Lakes at Waterford

Whether you are a new resident at The Lakes at Waterford or you have been enjoying the independent living community for years, you can reach out to your neighbors and have a little holiday fun with the exciting events on the season’s schedule. Here is a sneak peek at the events you are...

Lakes at Waterford

A look at the growing popularity of social media among seniors

Seniors who remain socially active in their retirement are less likely to develop depression and dementia, as they tend to have a higher quality of life and better connection with the community around them. In the digital age, social media is helping senior citizens connect like never before, and...

Lakes at Waterford

Winter health tips for aging adults

With the weather cooling off outside, there are several health concerns for seniors to be aware of before going out for holiday fun this season. Staying warm and preventing falls are two of the most important aspects of winter healthcare for elderly individuals, and these can be addressed with...

Lakes at Waterford

What to look for in a continuing care retirement community

When it comes to retirement living, there are many options to consider for your new home. Today, more senior citizens are opting for more independent living situations that still provide personal and medical care when it is needed. As you start your search for this type of senior community, be...

Lakes at Waterford

Benefits of maintenance-free housing for seniors

As you get older, you may notice that it is becoming harder to keep up with daily chores and landscaping tasks that keep your home in order. Therefore, you might consider living in a maintenance-free senior community like The Lakes at Waterford. Choosing this housing option can provide you with...

Lakes at Waterford

Why staying social matters for older adults

If you are concerned about your mental health as you get older, you might consider indulging in more social activities to help you reconnect with the community around you. A lack of social experiences is a common problem for older adults, but without the warm comfort of friends and family, you...

Lakes at Waterford

Simple ways to improve bone and joint health

One of the leading causes of hospitalization for senior citizens is falls, which can result in serious injuries for those who have osteoporosis and degenerative diseases of the joints like arthritis. To prevent such injuries and keep your bones and joints moving freely as you get older, you...

Lakes at Waterford

Senior health spotlight: Tips for talking to your doctor

Regular visits to the doctor are important at any age, but you may have more to talk about with your physician as you get older. If you are unsure how to effectively communicate with your doctor, follow these guidelines during your next physical exam. Ask about your options Whether you are...

Lakes at Waterford

Tapping into the benefits of walking for exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy as you get older, but you may find it difficult to participate in the types of vigorous activities you enjoyed in your earlier years. Walking can provide the perfect level of activity without posing a risk for your bones and joints, as it offers...

Lakes at Waterford Lakes at Waterford

How do independent living facilities encourage active lifestyles for older adults?

Living arrangements for senior citizens can vary greatly from independent living communities to nursing homes, and it is important to select the right environment for your personal needs. Independent living communities like The Lakes at Waterford are ideal for seniors seeking active, rich lives...

Lakes at Waterford

A look at the nutritional needs of seniors

Senior citizens have unique dietary needs, because the aging body goes through a number of changes that directly affect digestion, metabolism and the absorption of nutrients. To address the physical changes of your body with proper nutrition, you should follow these simple rules for everyday...