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Language Stars - Naperville

116 W Gartner Rd, Naperville, 60540, IL, US

Mathnasium - Central Naperville

632 E Ogden Ave, Naperville, 60563, IL, US

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Adventures in Learning, Naperville

1912 Continental Ave, Naperville, 60563, IL, US

Grace's Place

1904 Brookdale Rd Ste 140, Naperville, 60563, IL, US

Yongin Martial Arts

1807 S Washington St Ste 108, Naperville, 60565, IL, US

Excel Driving School

412 W 5th Ave Ste B, Naperville, 60563, IL, US

Neuqua Valley High School

2360 95th St, Naperville, 60564, IL, US

Music & Arts Ctr

1512 N Naper Blvd Ste 180, Naperville, 60563, IL, US

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Mathnasium - Central Naperville

How do children’s brains memorize math facts?

Understanding how children’s brains change as they develop and understand mathematicts is key to exposing the most effective methods for early math instruction. When students have a solid foundation in the basics—arithmetics, fractions and general number sense—they tend to have...

Language Stars - Naperville

Tips for choosing the right language program for your child

Because children’s minds are more prepared to learn a second language, you might be considering language instruction that takes place outside of the conventional academic environment. Children may enroll in a language program at the age of 10 months, well before enrollment in preschool and...

Mathnasium - Central Naperville

It is not too late to solve America’s math problem

Statistics plainly show that America does not excel in education compared to the rest of the world—especially when it comes to math. While many solutions have been proposed to solve this issue and keep American students competitive in the global economy, none so far have been effective. The...

Language Stars - Naperville

Using music to enhance language learning

Music can be a great teaching tool in a variety of subjects—including foreign language. As young language learners begin to explore new sounds, words, and phrases, music can be a fun and helpful way to reinforce skills learned in the classroom. Here’s a closer look at the role that...

Language Stars - Naperville

Best strategies for raising multilingual children

Multilingualism is an incredibly valuable trait for people to have in today’s global economy, and it is ideal to begin learning multiple languages early in life. Children who know two or more languages from an early age actually more cognitively inclined and have better overall...

Language Stars - Naperville

Is it really possible for babies to learn a foreign language?

Before your baby is even close to being able to speak, you might think that exposure to a second language will have little impact in shaping your child’s language skills. While your child won’t learn a foreign language simply be hearing it in infancy, this type of early exposure can...

Mathnasium - Central Naperville

Getting on the path to some of the most in-demand STEM careers

There is no doubt that STEM careers are the future of the global job market, so students should be  actively improving their math and science skills in school to prepare for these jobs. Some of the most in-demand STEM jobs of today boast wages of $30-$50 per hour and have job availability in...

Mathnasium - Central Naperville

Why is it important to visualize math?

There is a prevalent misconception that visual learners are less proficient in math because math is not a visual subject. However, visualizing math and rendering images to represent complex concepts is actually very helpful in mathematics, even for some of the most advanced thinkers in the...

Student thinking Mathnasium - Central Naperville

What is so important about mental math?

Is 9 * 7 closer to 60 or 70?  Which fraction has higher value? 1/3, 1/7 or 1/12?  What is 5% of 250?  These are all elementary school math problems that you can solve with good mental math skills.  Mental math skills are necessary since calculators are not allowed on some...

Girl doing homework Mathnasium - Central Naperville

Is it possible to make kids love math?

When you ask your child what his or her favorite subject in school is, you might not expect to hear math as the answer. There is a common trend for students to dislike math—especially as they get into more challenging subject areas such as algebra—but this distaste for the subject can...

Language Stars - Naperville

How do monolingual students compare to bilingual ones?

For many students, the introduction to a second language does not begin until high school when foreign languages are offered as elective courses. While these classes may be valuable to your student, they cannot compare with the benefits of early language instruction. With the right instruction,...

Language Stars - Naperville

Ways to help your child learn a second language

Children are typically better than adults at learning foreign languages, because they are still in critical language learning periods. Therefore, involving your child in a language-learning program in infancy or as a toddler can encourage fluency and development of distinct bilingual traits....

Language Stars - Naperville

When should your child learn a second language?

For many students, the introduction to a second language does not begin until high school when foreign languages are offered as elective courses. While these classes may be valuable to your student, they cannot compare with the benefits of early language instruction. With the right instruction,...

Language Stars - Naperville

Why is foreign language learning important for future success?

As a parent, it’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s future. While you may have no clear idea of the type of career your child will want to pursue later in life, there are some universally successful strategies you can use to improve his or her opportunities....

Kid in a classroom building a structure out of toothpicks and candy Mathnasium - Central Naperville

Why it’s best to get an early start with STEM skills

If you have spent time thinking about what your child will be when they grow up, statistics favor an answer in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM subjects). Currently there is a large gap in the need for students graduating with degrees in these fields and the...

Little girl staring into a fish tank at an aquarium Mathnasium - Central Naperville

How to promote accelerated learning in the gifted student

Gifted students have the highest potential for success and tend to earn more Masters and Doctorate degrees than the majority of students, but research has shown that the potential of these students is still largely squandered in the typical classroom. If you are the parent of a gifted student,...

College Planners Of America

My student’s been accepted to college: What are my options to pay?

The moment your child is accepted to his or her college of choice may be bittersweet from a parent’s perspective. While you will likely be excited and proud of your child, you may be immediately wondering how you are going to pay for his or her education. Aside from scholarships and federal...

College Planners Of America

Why didn’t my student get into an elite school?

In an ideal world, students would be accepted to their schools of choice if they had good grades, clear goals and a well-polished admissions essay. Unfortunately, there are many factors at play in the increasingly competitive world of higher education, and qualified students may still face...

College Planners Of America

What you need to know for FAFSA season

When tax season arrives, college students and high school students expecting to enroll in the fall will need to focus on the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application will qualify you for federal grants and funding as well as lower-interest federal student loans and...

Kidz Drop In

Why children should start second language education early

Even if you do not speak a second language, it is beneficial for your child to start learning a second language early on in childhood through a preschool program. As your child picks up new language skills, you may be encouraged to learn the language as well so that you can help your child...

Kidz Drop In

Fun fall snacks to make with your kids

Spending time in the kitchen with your kids is a great way to get them excited about eating healthy foods. In the fall season, there is a wide range of kid-friendly fruits to inspire you in the kitchen with simple snack recipes like the ones listed below. Candy apples Whether you prefer caramel...

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

Tasty fall snacks your kids will love

During the fall, the colors of the produce section change as robust fruits and vegetables come into season. To showcase the abundant harvest of fall in your kitchen with healthy foods that your children will still enjoy, try these recommended recipes. Roasted root veggies Root vegetables like...

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

Fun fall activities for kids to enjoy

With the leaves changing colors and a crisp autumn breeze setting into the air, you may feel inspired to spend a fall-themed weekend reconnecting with your children to celebrate the changing seasons. If you are in search of some fun activities that both you and your kids will love, here are a few...

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

Festive ideas for homemade Halloween costumes

The cost of a creative and clever Halloween costume can add up quickly when you select from store-bought items. With some basic sewing skills and a little creative flair, however, you can make an adorable or scary costume that your child will be thrilled to show off. Below are a few popular...

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

How to have a safe Halloween with your children this year

While children love to celebrate Halloween, this holiday may be a time of stress for parents because it presents a number of health and safety hazards. To maintain your peace of mind and have a happy Halloween celebration this year, follow these guidelines for a kid-friendly Halloween. Be smart...

Kidz Drop In

Deciding where your child should spend time after school

Before your child is old enough to stay at home unattended after school, there are a few options you might utilize to keep your child safe once the school day is over. Daycare and at-home babysitters are the two most common solutions for afterschool care, and these are compared in closer detail...

Naper Sports Nutrition

How amino acids aid in body building

If you are working to bulk up and sculpt your muscles as a body builder, you will quickly learn that your diet will need to be higher in protein, which aids in the production of muscle tissue. However, it is important to recognize that all proteins are not made alike, as they are formed from...

Naper Sports Nutrition

The importance of vitamins and supplements for athletes

Both professional and amateur athletes should be focused on eating a diet that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals to support an active lifestyle. Even with a proper diet, however, some athletes may need the boost of vitamin supplements to achieve the following beneficial effects. Calcium...

Kidz Drop In

Starting preschool from the parent's perspective

Your child may not be the only anxious one when it comes time to attend preschool. For many parents, preschool is the first time that they will be spending a significant period of time away from their children. To make the experience easier for you and your child, here is a look at what parents...

Kidz Drop In

Helping your child ease into preschool

Starting preschool may inspire a range of emotions in your child, from anxiousness to fear to curiosity. As the first day of school approaches, your child will look to you for guidance on what to expect in the classroom. Schedule a tour at your child’s school Before school starts, you and...

Kidz Drop In

Why the terrible twos may not be so terrible

If you are the parent of a toddler, you may recognize that the “terrible twos” is more of a pop culture myth than a guideline for childhood development. While children can be a handful at the age of two, they may not limit their tantrums and messiness to a single year of toddlerhood....

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

A look at the healthiest snacks for children

The way your child eats as a toddler can have a lifelong effect on his or her dietary choices, so you should be conscious of what your child is snacking on from a young age. Instead of starting your child out with junk food, try these wholesome snacking options that will fuel your child for hours...

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

Why music is a valuable learning tool for young children

Young children do not learn by sitting down in a classroom and listening to teachers deliver lessons. Their active and rapidly developing minds require more creative, engaging activities for effective learning, and these activities are often facilitated with music. Below is a look at some of the...

Kidz Drop In

Why social experiences are important for young children

People are naturally social, and even babies show behaviors that indicate their desire to be near other people. Therefore, you should encourage your child to start interacting with peers from a young age so that he or she has normal social development through adolescence. Here is a closer look at...

Kidz Drop In

What exactly is sensory play?

The five senses—taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight—all come naturally, but they do need to be developed at a young age so that children are able to interact with the world around them in deeper and more meaningful ways. During infancy and their toddler years, children refine their...

Adventures in Learning Adventures in Learning, Naperville

What is the importance of a preschool education?

Preschool is not a part of public school curriculum, but it is still commonly attended by young children when they are at the ages of 3-4. There are many valuable lessons learned in preschool, although these take place in a non-traditional classroom environment that encourages the use of games...

North Central College

Essential Items for Residence Hall Living

Living on campus in a residence hall is a quintessential part of the American college experience. For many students, freshman year of college will be their first time living away from the comforts of home and managing their own schedule. Below is a list of items that every campus resident needs...

North Central College North Central College

College guides praise North Central with rankings, accolades

Numerous college guides and publications are praising North Central College in rankings and other accolades. U.S. News & World Report ranked North Central No. 13 in the Midwest in the Regional Universities category for 2012. This is the 19th consecutive year U.S. News & World Report has...

Kidz Drop In

What to look for when choosing a babysitter or childcare provider

Finding someone whom you can trust to care for your children may take some time and searching, because not all childcare providers have the same qualifications. While it may be simple to search for a provider by geographical convenience alone, you should also take these important considerations...

Kidz Drop In

Benefits of a full-service child care provider

If you are a busy parent, you may not have time to conduct interviews with babysitters to find the right one to care for your child. Choosing a child care facility instead will not only save you this valuable time, but it will allow you to feel good about the care your child is getting each day....

Kidz Drop In, Naperville Kidz Drop In

Kidz Drop In, Naperville

Kidz Drop In is a childcare center offering care that fits the schedules of today’s busy parents and ensures a safe, educational environment for kids from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years. With extended hours from Monday through Saturday, parents can find childcare on short notice offered at...

Adventures in Learning, Naperville Adventures in Learning, Naperville

Adventures in Learning, Naperville

Before children are of school age, they learn a great deal of language and skills that are essential for success in the academic world. During this time, it is important for children to have a safe environment designed to nurture the development of emotional intelligence, verbal and non-verbal...