Tuscan food represents a more sophisticated side of Italian cuisine that showcases some of the most complex and rich flavors that Italy has to offer. You can capture the authentic spirit of Tuscany in the United States, but you do need to know what to look for in a restaurant. Here is a look at the key features of Tuscan cuisine done right.

Artful presentation

Food is served with masterful presentation on the plate, so it is worth taking a moment to observe the beautiful spectacle of each dish before taking the first bite. There is a strong sense of pride in quality food, and it is always made to look as good as it tastes. This creates a multi-sensory experience that will embody the feeling of dining in an intimate Tuscan trattoria.

Higher quality ingredients

Tuscany is home to some of the finest olive oil in the world, which makes this ingredient a commonly featured element of each course. You can spot excellent olive oil by its rich flavor and smoothness, which is often accompanied by a deep yellow color. The pasta of Tuscany is also unique, as it is often fresh and homemade rather than dried. More decadent ingredients such as truffles and wild boar highlight the rustic flavors of the Tuscan region. For a genuine taste of wild boar, look for dishes such as Tadliatelle con Ragu di Cinghiale, featuring wild boar ragu and wild boar sausage with wide ribbon pasta and arugula.

Tuscan wine

Not only is Tuscan wine an essential accompaniment for Tuscan food, but it is often an ingredient used in sauces and braised meats. The red wines of Tuscany are the region’s claim to fame, and these include the bold and rich Super Tuscans such as Cabreo Il Borgo as well as Chianti and Cabernet Sauvignon. Without these wines at the table and used in cooking, dishes may lack the depth and complexity they are known for.

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