If you have avoided indulging in an Italian meal lately because you follow a gluten-free diet, you might start to rethink your dining options. While many dishes in Italy feature pasta and bread, you can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking your diet. Below are some tips for dining out on Italian food when you eat gluten-free.

Request brown rice pasta

Because the benefits of gluten-free eating have become clearer for individuals who have celiac disease or other health-related concerns, there are many more gluten-free options for foods commonly made with wheat. Brown rice pasta, for example, can be a great way to savor your favorite pasta dishes without skimping on flavor.

Always request “gluten-free” preparation

Most salads, sauces and roasted vegetables are already gluten-free, but it is always best to clarify when you order. House-made salad dressings are much less likely to contain gluten than pre-made varieties. Restaurants can typically make most entrées gluten-free; just remember to alert your server of your dietary restriction when you order.

Order a protein-based dish

Any dish of Tuscan Steakhouse inspiration is a safe bet for the gluten-free diner, because these dishes focus primarily on the protein. Thick, juicy steaks and pork chops are served in wine reductions or rich butter sauces alongside polenta, potatoes or sautéed greens rather than pasta and other heavier grains.

Carlucci Rosemont will be happy to prepare gluten-free versions of many of their delicious Tuscan-inpired dishes by substituting brown rice pasta and gluten-free sauces. Simply ask your server for gluten-free suggestions when ordering. To browse their menu or make dinner reservations, visit their website today or call 847-518-0990.