When you enroll in dance classes, you will open the door to a variety of new social opportunities. As your dance skills improve, you may want to venture out of the dance studio and show off your moves in a variety of other social settings. With the confidence that you gain from dancing, you may find that you are the life of any party. Here is a quick look at the top 3 places where you can show off your dance moves.


A dance club is a fantastic place to practice your skills and dance with new partners. Whether you are a ballroom dancer, salsa dancer or swing dancer, you are sure to find a dance club that showcases your preferred style. To find the perfect dance night for your skills, you may want to check the weekly event listings of clubs in your area.

Wedding reception

Wedding receptions are a great place to have fun and dance. At a wedding, you may be required to dance to a variety of styles and genres of music. With the dancing skills that you learn at dance classes, you will be able to amaze your friends with your abilities.

Holiday party

A holiday party offers a great opportunity to have fun and dance with your friends. If you are attending an event where you do not know may people, dancing is also a great icebreaker. When you know how to dance, every party can become a fun and memorable occasion.

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