The headquarters at Sebert Landscaping is inspired by years of innovation in green technologies and building techniques. The corporate headquarters promotes a sustainability-oriented mindset to all of the company’s commercial and residential landscaping projects. Mobile green technologies and eco-friendly practices have helped Jeff Sebert, owner of Sebert Landscaping, reduce the company’s carbon footprint and make a valuable impact on businesses throughout the Chicago area.

Small, battery powered equipment

To maximize efficiency in field operations, Sebert has implemented the use of hand-held, battery-powered equipment. Impressively, these tools are charged by mobile solar panels affixed to the top of the company’s unique solar trailers.

“Right now we have two of them,” says Jeff Sebert. “We’re looking to switch two more crews over to solar by the end of the year because we’ve heard great things from our field foremen. Battery powered tools are quieter, less harmful to neighbors and operators, and better for the environment.”

Single use fertilizers and pesticides

Fertilizers and pesticides are carefully selected not only for their environmental impact, but also based on the number of uses required. Single-use products are favored, as they only require one trip to the project site for a single application.

Reclaimed rainwater collected at headquarters

Landscaping uses a significant amount of water, so Sebert Landscaping utilizes water collected at their headquarters for projects off-site. Rain barrels and storm water management allow Sebert to collect thousands of gallons of water during a single rainstorm.

Propane-powered fleet

80% of the Sebert fleet is propane-powered, which has a number of environmental benefits. According to Jeff Sebert, “The propane powered equipment really minimizes the amount of carbon that gets put into the atmosphere. It’s a cleaner fuel and it costs 60%-70% of what gasoline does.” Since propane powered vehicles are more cost-effective, they help to drive down the cost of landscaping projects and free up funds for environmental experiments that could pay off significantly in the future.

For a closer look at Sebert Landscaping and their commitment to sustainability, visit their website or call 630-497-1000. Sebert Landscaping has been serving the Chicago area since 1985, and they continue to provide award-winning services with corporate contracts that lead to long-lasting relationships.