If you have hesitated to make an investment in green landscaping for your business, you might consider the payoff that can take place with employee morale. Adding beautiful and natural landscapes to a corporate environment can boost the mood of your employees and create a more loyal, happy workforce. Below is a closer look at what green initiatives can do for your business and your employees.

Changing the physical environment

Studies have shown that bringing more nature into urban and suburban areas can have lasting changes for perceived quality of life and happiness. Therefore, adding a rooftop garden to your building or creating a colorful entry lined with native wildflowers can be a worthy investment for your company. Plus, these changes have positive benefits on the world around you, so you can feel good about the impact you have on your community too.

Creating new attitudes

Adopting sustainable practices in physical environments is linked with happiness in an ongoing sense. Employees will respond to the company’s dedication to sustainability with increased loyalty and greater productivity.

“Hospitals and medical centers really get it. First-class facilities have meditation gardens and elaborate plantings surrounding the property,” says Jeff Sebert of Sebert Landscaping. “When patients can look out and appreciate the natural world, it’s a part of their healing process.”

Recognizing changes in morale

Sebert Landscaping not only provides green landscaping services for businesses, but they promote these practices in their own headquarters. Jeff Sebert has remarked that his LEED certified building has shown noticeable changes in company culture. Employees are surrounded by a beautiful workspace with outdoor areas that can be utilized during breaks and non-working hours, so they are generally happier. Employee input is also a factor in shifting attitudes. Because staff members were consulted for their ideas on the project of building a new headquarters, they have a sense of pride in the finished result.

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