If you are interested in playing college tennis, it’s important to understand how you can stand out as a potential recruit. Full tennis scholarships are extremely rare, so the scholarships that do exist are intensely competitive. Read on for a closer look at how you can make yourself a top choice.

Make a highlights video

In order to expose your work to more coaches, it’s a good idea to make a special video showing your tennis skills at their very best. Work to make the video display your versatility as a player, making sure to cover different types of shots, footwork, and both defense and attack style.

Contact as many tennis programs as possible

The more you work to get your name out there, the better your chances of recruitment will be. There are hundreds of colleges with men’s and women’s tennis programs in the United States, and contacting as many of them as possible will significantly raise your chances of being a recruit.

Get a professional evaluation

Being evaluated by a student athlete organization such as NCSA will help you get your rating out to more people. Posting your profile, resume and video at their website will make you even more visible to potential coaches. An evaluation can also help you decide what college will be best suited to your needs as a student and a player.

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