While urban living does have some distinct benefits, many people choose to settle down and purchase their first homes in the suburbs rather than the city. Surrounding Chicago there are numerous charming suburbs each offering their own unique appeal with these common features.

Exclusive communities

If you are in search of higher-end real estate, the communities of Highland Park and Lake Forest on the North Shore offer breathtaking properties with a sense of exclusivity. Even in more affordable areas like Evanston and Wilmette, residents have a strong sense of community and hometown pride. Plus, most suburban schools rank higher than inner-city schools in the Chicago area. This is important to consider if you are planning to grow your family at your new suburban home.

More home for your money

Your dollar will go much further in the suburbs in terms of home amenities and size. It is rare to find city properties with even a small section of yard space, but suburban homes are on generous lots with nature-inspired landscapes. Suburban neighborhoods also tend to offer more opportunities to build friendships with families living nearby.

Unique businesses and amenities

Many of Chicago’s suburbs like Hinsdale, LaGrange and Western Springs have their own downtown areas that capture the feel of the city while showcasing small businesses and restaurants unique to the area. You might also find more nature paths, outdoor activities, and community events to enjoy in the suburbs than you would in the city. When you want to head to the city, there are many ways to get to the Loop in just under half an hour from many of Chicago’s suburbs.

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