Italian beef is a fixture of Chicago’s food culture, but you do not have to be in the Windy City to enjoy a classic Italian beef sandwich at home. Serrelli’s Finer Foods can ship complete packages of Italian beef and all the trimmings right to your door anywhere in the country. When you open this special box, be sure to follow these tips to assemble your sandwich like a seasoned professional.

Don’t hesitate to pile on extra beef

There is nothing dainty about a true Italian beef sandwich, so you should not hold back when you fill each roll with warm slices of beef, which is reheated in its own gravy. If you like a messier sandwich, dip your roll in the gravy once you have filled it with the succulent meat. Otherwise, add a ladle full of gravy to the top of the sandwich.

Add your favorite toppings

Giardiniera is a classic topping for Italian beef made from an assortment of pickled vegetables that add just the right crunch to the tender meat and soft bread. It is available in hot, extra hot and mild to appeal to anyone’s taste. You might also pile on roasted sweet peppers for even more crunch and a touch of sweet flavor to balance the spice of the giardiniera.

Eat with the right stance

Once you have finally made your sandwich, you might get in the spirit of Chicago by eating in the proper stance. You will want to lean in close to the sandwich and create some distance between your body and the table. This way, any stray slices of meat or drippings of gravy will end up on the table rather than your clothes.

To place your order for Italian beef from Serrelli’s Finer Foods, visit them online or call 773-237-7530. You can enjoy authentic Chicago-style Italian beef without ever having to leave your home.