When most people think of sausage, the first thing that comes to mind is a tasty link often referred to in America as Italian sausage. While this generic label does not mean much in Italy, it represents a delicious variety of sausage enjoyed year-round in the United States. Its distinctive flavor and famous reputation come from the key features discussed in detail below.

Signature spices

Italian sausage is characterized by a blend of garlic and anise seeds, which have a sweet flavor somewhat similar to licorice. The sausage may also contain red pepper flakes or diced peppers when it is sold in spicy varieties. Mild or spicy, this sausage is big on flavor with just the right touch of sweetness.

Freshly ground meat

While some have attempted to make Italian sausage from turkey or chicken, the best varieties are still made with freshly ground, uncured pork. Because there is a higher fat content in pork, this variety of sausage is always juicy, plump and perfect when added to rich red sauces.

Grilled perfection

Even when it is served in sauce, Italian sausage should be grilled before serving. Grilling gives the sausage a delicious char on the outside while sealing in the juices in the meat under the casing. Whether it is served over pasta, on a sandwich or over a bed of grilled onions and peppers, Italian sausage is an ideal meat to put on the grill at home.

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