As new fashion trends have been established on the runway in 2014, new hairstyles have also made their debuts. The in-demand hair colors of the year will be much different from what has been seen in 2013, so it may be time to schedule a salon visit for a transition to the hottest colors of 2014.

Platinum blonde hues

Blonde is back this year, and lighter shades of platinum blonde are taking over. This color trend has already been seen among celebrities like Elle Fanning and Kim Kardashian, and it is becoming one of the most requested changes for clients in the stylist’s chair. You should always consult a stylist for this lighter look, because home bleaching can do serious damage to your hair.

Monochromatic color

If you just don’t think you can pull off the platinum blonde look, you might stick to lighter shades of brown with a monochromatic appeal. 2013 saw more dynamic colors and highlights, but 2014 is seeing more women showing off bold, solid colors without the in-between shades.

Natural color choices

One trend that is definitely out this year is unnatural colors on ladies in their 30s and 40s. While pink, blue, green and purple colors may have been in for a short time, these shades are fading away fast for adult women. Teens may still gravitate toward these bright choices, but they are not the best choice for a new look at 40.

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