When you visit a primary physician for regular checkups, you will have a consistent resource for your preventive care and wellness as well as any necessary medical treatment needed for existing conditions. Choosing a primary physician is not a decision to rush, as every patient has unique needs for their ongoing medical care. However, there are some key features to look for in a good physician for your primary care.

Choose a practitioner with a partnership approach

Primary care physicians should work together with patients so that they feel like equal partners in their care. This promotes more dedicated patient involvement and commitment to important lifestyle changes for better health. A partnership among the doctor and patient also encourages questions and individualized guidance that will further improve patient wellness.

Ask about the technology available in your doctor’s practice

It is important to visit a practice that is invested in the most advanced treatment technologies available, as this helps to improve patient outcomes over time. You may also want to choose a practice that offers laboratory and imaging services onsite so that you can conveniently find all of your care under one roof.

Find a doctor with flexible office hours

Some family doctors and primary physicians have heavy schedules that don’t allow patients to get into the office right away for appointments. You will want to find a physician who can provide care that fits into your schedule when you need it.

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