When you feel like adding new life to your space with new décor, you will want to work off a consistent color scheme to make every room feel like a consistent and relaxed space. Adding too many colors can make a room feel busy, while too little contrast in color will create a sense of staleness in the space. Here are some ways to find the best colors for your home and get just the right look out of your redecorating project.

Get inspired by furniture or artwork

You might take a preliminary shopping trip to see if you can find a sofa, upholstered chair, area rug or piece of wall art that gets your imagination going. Even something as small as a throw pillow can inspire a whole room, so look for colors that you love in any detail you might add to a room.

Choose colors of the season

If you often feel the urge to redecorate and change up your style, you might make some small changes that can be altered again as the seasons change. Try adding in new lamp shades, window treatments and pillows that feature the best colors of fall, and change these elements out as your mood or the seasons pass.

Play with different accent colors

There are tried and true color combinations—such as blue and yellow, brown and green or black and red—that will work in any room, but you might feel a little more creative and desire something unique from these combos. To find your own accent colors that work, pick up some paint or fabric samples, which you can often find for free, and bring these into the room to see how they function.

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