Folk art in interior design can describe any number of pieces created with found or repurposed materials that add a more casual flavor to the home. However, folk art does not have to be exclusive to homes with rustic or casual design. It can be successfully incorporated into a more contemporary, formal home with these simple guidelines. 

Select a few key pieces

Large pieces like barn door tables or antler chandeliers are ideal as unique centerpieces for a room. With too many folk pieces, the space may start to look busy, but one or two larger items can create a warm, comfortable feel in a modern space.

Accent with cool neutral tones

Modern design features sharp angles and cool colors such as black, gray, and blue. These color features will set the perfect background for a unique local artisan piece at the center of the room. To keep a more formal atmosphere, use enclosed storage solutions to keep the space feeling clean and sleek. With clutter out of the way, your folk art pieces will pop without toning down the upscale environment of your formal living spaces.

Use modern accessories

With accessories like large wall mirrors, contemporary art pieces, and colorful vases, you can tie the whole room together with style. While folk art designs will be decorative and functional, contemporary pieces tend to be purely aesthetic. Blending both types of pieces will offer a modern appeal and allow you to retain more function in your space.

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